Bartek Borkowski

ruby connoisseur resumé

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For skimmers: backend ruby design, IPTV industry experience, exlibri

Personal data:

  name: 'Bartek Borkowski',
  birth: '1985',
  location: 'Warsaw, Poland',
  occupation: 'heavy development :)'

Career path:

Cubiware 2010-2012

  • Architect
    • Designed and mentored development of JavaScript SDK for creating custom IPTV webapps
    • Service-oriented design of highly-scalable API for multiple platforms
    • Designed and developed EM-based push server
  • Developer
    • Designed and created Yahoo ConnectedTV IPTV application in JavaScript
    • Designed and created Boxee IPTV application in Python
    • Development of two big Ruby on Rails backends for IPTV companies (100+ models, lots of business logic, payment gateway integration etc.)

Z.A. ZREMB Warszawa 2009-2010

  • Junior developer
    • C++ database application development
    • SQL (FireBird flavor) routines optimization
    • Designed and created tools for integration with external ERP systems

earlier work... 2000-2009

  • freelance website development

Private projects:

  • exlibri book exchange platform (co-owner, developer)
  • sxrb streaming XML parser (gem owner)

Technical skills:

  • Ruby RoR, eventmachine (9/10)
  • JavaScript mainly non-browser (9/10)
  • Git gitolite administration, merge requests management, advanced rebasing scenarios (8/10)
  • SQL mostly MySQL flavor (7/10)
  • TDD of non-web and web applications (7/10)
  • Redis (6/10)
  • agile development (SCRUM) (6/10)
  • CentOS administration (5/10)
  • HA web server + application stack administration (heartbeat, haproxy, nginx, passenger, unicorn, etc.) (4/10)
  • practical PKI security (4/10)


Technical skills not used on daily-basis:

DSL design, C, C++, HTML, CSS, Valgrind/Cachegrind, TeX, PrinceXML, Python, Lua, haskell, Quake-C, Pascal and many others...

Non-technical hobbies:

amateur photography, casual MTG (MTGO limited ranking ~1800), cycling, sci-fi books, typography, inside jokes<ESC>:w<CR>:q<CR>